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with his war-club●, and then, burdened wit

h a goodly bundle of ■scalps, journeyed homeward in triumph. [5■] [2] Relation, 1660, 6 (anonymous). Bot●h Perrot and La Potherie recount traditi■ons of the ancient superiority of the Algon■quins over the Iroquois, who formerly, it is sai■d, dwelt near Montreal and Thre●e Rivers, whence the Algonquins expelled them. ●They withdrew, first to the neighborhood■ of Lake

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r historic seat. There is much to ●support

the conjecture that the Indians ■found by Cartier at Montreal in● 1535 were Iroquois (See "Pioneer■s of France," 189.) That they belon■ged to the same family of tri■bes is certain. For the traditions alluded t■o, see Perrot, 9, 12, 79, and La Pothe■rie, I. 288-295. [3] "Simon Pieska●ret … n'estoit Chrestien qu'en apparence e●t par police."—Lalemant, Relation, 1647,

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ar■nest. [4] Both the Iroquois and th●e H

urons collected great quantities of wood in t●heir villages in the autumn. [●5] This story is told by La Potheri●e, I. 299, and, more briefly, by● Perrot, 107. La Potherie, writ●ing more than half a century aft■er the time in question, represents the● Iroquois as habitually in awe■ of the Algonquins. In this all the contemporary■ writers contradict him. This is but

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s pre●served of his exploits; and, with all

reasonable● allowances, it is certain that the craft■y and valiant Algonquin was the model of an I●ndian warrior. That which follows r■ests on a far safer basis. Early ●in the spring of 1645, Piskaret■, with six other converted Indians, some of them■ better Christians than he, set out on a war-●party, and, after dragging their ca■noes over the frozen St. Lawrence, ■